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Please read the following instructions carefully!

  • Click on the "Rally Up" button below.

  • Click "Sign Up".

  • Do NOT click "Buy Entries" from the home page - this will NOT give credit to your student. 

  • When the page says, "Register your student to sell Raffle Tickets!" click the "Sign Up" button again.

  • This will take you to a box to add a "Student Dashboard" to your cart.

  • Follow instructions to check out and register your child.

  • Once your child has a dashboard, you can edit the picture to personalize before sharing!

  • Now share your child's dashboard with family and friends to buy raffle tickets.

  • Your child will ONLY get credit if someone buys raffle tickets from the "Buy Entries" on your child's dashboard!!! 

  • You will be able to track your child's progress from their dashboard and from the leaderboard on the fundraiser homepage. 

  • Happy Fundraising!

Raffle ( Rifa): PTA Board
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